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Defensive driving

is one of our basic values. People talk about it, but what exactly is “defensive driving”? Stopping at every intersection? A baseball bat under the front seat?

Defensive driving is an extension of Eco Driving, and one cannot exist without the other. Defensive driving can reduce accidents by 7%: less time spent in the hospital and less money spent on insurance.

Eco Driving

is the perfect match for defensive driving. But how? Filling your tank with old frying oil? Getting out to push for short distances?

We’ll teach you the ins and outs, from day one. So when you’re driving, you won’t have to think of anything: you won’t know any different.

Of course, the question everybody asks: can I pass my exam if I Eco Drive? The answer is “yes, no problem”. All examiners have followed an Eco Driving course and can recognise and judge it perfectly.

By the way, did you know that Eco Driving allows you to save up to 25% on your fuel consumption, up to 17% on maintenance and that your tires will wear down less?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

our head-instructor, John, has followed a one year training to become a Driving instructor+. A Driving instructor+ is an NLP Practitioner specialised in Traffic-related phobias.

That means we can teach even more effectively, ánd help people with amaxophobia overcome fear of driving.

In addition, Ralitza practices therapeutic approaches including EFT and family constellation, which can very helpful with exam anxiety.

Take a bold step and contact her if you’d like some help with that.

Curious? Convinced?
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The driving school

Driving school Joral is as much an ideal as it is a company. Our goal: safer, cleaner and, we’re not afraid to say it; a more courteous traffic. Does that mean we’ll teach you to drive like your grandmother? Absolutely not! Because one important pillar of Eco Driving is driving smoothly and accelerating decisively.


  • instructor with 13+ years experience
  • traffic engineer
  • counselling (phobic) fear of driving (NLP Practitioner)
  • exam anxiety instructor
  • trainer and mentor of instructors


  • minimalisation use of paper
  • Eco Driving from day 1
  • you’ll easily do 1:20-25!

Social commitment

  • we employ students, disabled people and long-term unemployed people
  • a fixed part of our revenue will be donated to charities or invested in green technology (such as Solar Roadways)


  • interactive theoretical lessons (Bring Your Own Device)
  • online administration, progress, payment, …
  • mentor course for parents

about us

John Willemsen


John Willemsen became a driving instructor in 2003 rijinstructeur and has taught ever since. Over the years, he's further developed his skills with various courses, such as exam anxiety instructor, NLP practitioner, Driving In Steps instructor, trainer Eco Driving, Dealing with Autism and more. In addition, he was a teacher and mentor of many aspiring instructors and collaborated in many traffic safety initiatives. He's also a traffic engineer and, last but not least, interpreter and translator.

Ralitza Willemsen


Joral could not exist without Ralitza. She takes care of everything behind the scenes, and her warm smile is the first thing many students and clients see. She's not just the face of Joral: she's the beating hart.

"When you talk you are only repeating what you already know
but if you listen you may learn something"

J. P. McEvoy

Our services

student driver car rental

student driver car rental

Now for rent, for students who don't have their own car to practice with! Call or mail for more information.

driving lessons

driving lessons

Joral offers driving lessons (and theoretical lessons) in and around Brussels by native English instructors

driving phobia counselling

driving phobia counselling

A one-year training as an NLP Practitioner specialised in driving phobia makes us Belgium's only specialist in this field



Theoretical lessons in English

Contact Info

  • Waverse steenweg 1085, 1160 Oudergem
  • director: John Willemsen
  • driving school recognition nr. 2726
  • company no. 0550.456.489
  • IBAN: BE37 7310 3761 2228
  • +32 2/
  • info@joral.be
  • http://joral.be/en
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