Driving phobia counseling

Approximately 1 driver in 7, or more than 14% of all drivers, suffers from a fear of driving (amaxophobia).

After a traumatic experience, people who’ve been driving without any problem for years sometimes start to avoid certain situations (such as driving on the motorway, through tunnels, near water, etc.) Additionally, stressful situations on the road can reduce their selfconfidence, causing them to avoid more and more situations, or avoid driving all together.

Even more than for what they can encounter, people with a driving phobia often fear their own reaction, such as panic attacks, nausea, palpitations, fear of doing something « crazy »… Unfortunately, this is often concealed and, for many, causes a serious reduction in independence and mobility.

Thanks to a one-year training to become an NLP Practitioner specialised in traffic-related phobias and anxieties, we can help you get back on the road and feel good about it. After an intake interview of approximately 1.5 hours, we’ll make an action plan in which we clearly indicate what we’ll do and when. Individual needs for counselling vary but in 95% of the cases a total of 5 counselling sessions of 3 hours each suffices.

During these sessions we’ll develop your self-confidence and control over the car, and you’ll learn to handle your fear through therapeutic interventions. Depending on your individual development, you’ll take measured steps toward safe traffic participation.

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